Have You Ever?

…Felt so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do next?

…Skipped the Peloton class for the 3rd time this week because you are exhausted 

…Checked social media while also trying to play with your kids as a way to sooth yourself?

…Cleaned the house when you finally get a quiet moment because you can’t relax

…Stayed at work till 7 when you wanted to leave at 5 because of an overflowing to-do plate


…Going to bed at a reasonable time and starting your day reading while quietly enjoying a cup of coffee in your favorite chair before you get everyone up, apply your lipstick, and leave for work!

…Being excited to go to work, as you pull out your computer you are beaming because you figured out a solution to a big client’s big problem!

…Leaving work “at work” and getting the kids off to bed on time before grabbing your favorite beverage and sneaking into the backyard to enjoy some adult time and meaningful conversation with your partner!

about me

Hi, I’m Carolina Roberts.

A mom to a wonderful little boy and girl, a wife and a coach for ambitious moms.

A few years ago,  I was where you are. I had all the boxes checked.  I was living the “good” life by society’s standards, but I still felt something was missing.  I spent years living a life that wasn’t true to who I am and I was miserable.  But through my own journey, I was able to transform my life and find true joy and fulfillment.

Now, I help ambitious moms like you to do the same.  I show them how to let go of the expectations and pressures that society places on us, and instead live a life that aligns with their own unique values and desires.  Through my writing, speaking, and coaching, I help women tap into their inner strength and courage so they can live the life they were meant to live.

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I’m so grateful for my coaching sessions with Carolina. Through a variety of methodologies, and an open, direct, and action-oriented approach, Carolina was my tremendous guide as I re-evaluated and re-centered myself during an extended marathon-like job search. 

I found Carolina’s tools and resources tremendously useful, and gained much from her calm yet consistent and gently questioning nature. 

l know that I will continue to bring into focus many of the issues Carolina and I discussed, and I whole-heartedly recommend her as a coach.

Gila W.

Director of Leadership

I had never worked with a life coach prior to working with Carolina. I was looking for someone to help me identify and remove the internal obstacles keeping me from making myself a priority. I felt stuck; taking care of everyone around me but not myself. I immediately noticed Carolina’s ability to connect and simplify what felt overwhelming to me on my own. She asked probing questions and helped me realize that I needed to make smaller steps towards my goals. Our sessions provided me with the accountability and support I needed to make progress toward my goals. I highly recommend Carolina. She is warm, honest, and has a genuine desire to help.

Erin M.


I worked with Carolina during the end of my pregnancy into the birth of my third child, so during a big time of transition for me and my family. It was really a pleasure working with Carolina as she was very insightful and thoughtful. I was impressed with Carolina’s balance with listening and seeking what areas I wanted to be coached in, while also guiding the conversation and pushing back to help me see things from another perspective. She not only held space for my needs but also compassionately challenged me on what I actually needed at the time. Our sessions led to great self-reflection and I would recommend Carolina as a trusted coach and valuable resource to others.

Julia J.

Director of Labor Relations

I worked with Carolina in a time in my life when I intensely wanted to achieve certain goals. I was immediately impressed with how she understood my personality in minutes and first taught me how to be gentle and kind to myself before just pushing harder and harder to achieve things externally. She gave clear directions, summarized the session at the end to make sure I understood all the points, and sent me a clear email reminding me of the doable and effective next steps she recommended. I know it might sound extreme but I felt different after even one session – more confident, clear, and more balanced. I recommend her highly!

Barbara S.


Are you feeling stuck and lost when it comes to figuring out what to do next?

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You’ll walk out the door with:

…An understanding of how to focus on those things that give you energy.

…A plan for what to do next (including how to finally get some rest.)

… A lighter load and a feeling of control. You won’t feel like you are sinking anymore.

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